Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mini Catalog Bags DIY - Jamberry Style

I started selling Jamberry nails wraps as an Independent Consultant in September 2014 after I tried a sample I received in the mail! As soon as I put it on, I fell in love with the product and decided to join! I have amazing looking nails (I never did them before, who has time to wait for the nail polish to dry and not get smugged), plus I make money and have fun meeting new people! If you are interested you can check out my website;

During one of my home Jamberry parties, a catalog got placed on a table with some water on it! The back cover was all wet and water warped but the rest of the catalog was fine! I didn't want to just throw out my catalog so I decided to make a giveaway bag! They are cute, great advertisement and you can recycle used/catalogs! Follow the steps below to make your own bags!

Hopefully these steps make sense :) it's easier to do than it looks!

Step one: open your catalog and remove staples

Step 2: Make a one inch fold on each side of the original center catalog fold

These folds will be one side of the bag! This is the top view of step 2

Step 3: On the outer edges, fold in towards the center an inch and a half on each side

Step 4: On the outer edges that you just folded in step 3, fold those in a half inch! This will make the tabs to glue to make the other side of the bag (don't worry I will show you in the steps below)

Step 5: Fold the top down to the first staple hole in the original catalog fold! You can do a bigger or smaller fold if you'd like! This fold helps reinforce the bag when you punch holes for the handles

Step 6: Using the folds just made, shape it into a bag/what the pic below shows

Step 7: Flatten the bag with the folded sides in and then fold the bottom side up! I wanted my bag to be four inches tall (perfect for accent/sample sheets) but you can make it how ever tall or short you want! Four inches just looked proportional to me!
Another pic of step 7

Step 8: Now open it back up and you should have 9 folds

Step 9: Glue one outer edge /fold ( the half inch fold)

Step 10: Gather the outer edges together and place the half inch folds over each other and press firmly so the glue sticks (p.s. This post is not sponsored, this just is the glue sticks I have around the house)

Your bag so far should look like this

Step 11: Now at the fold in step 7, take left corner from the bottom and fold it up to the step 7 fold and press to make another fold line
Repeat step 11: but with the right bottom corner
Step 11 (and the repeat 11 step) will create these lines

Step 12: This is where it gets a little tricky! You are going to be making the bottom of the bag and folding it like you would wrap a present! Fold the lines until you make the triangle on each side of the bag 
This is how each side will look

Step 13: glue and fold down the triangles and the bottom of your bag is complete

Optional step: If you to make your bag fold flat for storage or shipping just squish it...not sure how else to word it! But you don't have to do this

Step 14: Hole punch two holes on the front and back of the bag! I didn't measure, I just eye ball it but its about a half an inch in from the corner sides

 Step 15: Add ribbon and enjoy your catalog page! I hope this helps and wasn't too hard to follow! Let me know how it goes! If you aren't crafty or don't have time, I can make and sell some to ya, email me at kellie.terry92@gmail.com!

I hope you enjoy! Thanks! I will be posting more direct sale related things next month! Happy holidays! 

-Kellie Frost

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Room is DONE :)

Preschool is beginning today and my room is complete! I have always loved Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar book, so I made it my theme. Check it out!

I used the playdough (recipe in earlier post)and by using baby jars, made them to look like a caterpillar. I gave them out to my little preschoolers during registration. They loved them, I recycled and it was cheap to make! 

For my room, I made an ABC banner with Eric Carle's polka dot fabric and found other solid fabrics to match. You are probably thinking, I want one but I don't sew...I didnt sew it either :) I made cardstock paper triangles and hot glue my fabric around it! Easy, a little time consuming but well worth it! With the help of my wonderful hubby, we made my board! If you go to Ace Hardware store and ask at the register for wooden yardsticks, they had them out for free. I used the yardsticks as trim separating the cork, whiteboard and metal board. I did stain the yardsticks with a light oak stain. I had the cork board and the white board is a melamine board found at Home Depot (4x8 for $13) and a sheet of Galvinized metal (at home depot as well for $9). I used extra yardsticks to make the bookshelves just right of my board (I will show a tutorial in a later post, check back)

What do you think? Let me know!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hungry For Learning Preschool

I am going to be doing a preschool in my home starting September 3rd :) I am so excited about it and my room is almost done (the carpet glue is drying:).  Anywho while my baby was napping I was making some play dough! It's super easy, cheap and lasts a long time! Here is the recipe I use and like the most:

Mix all the ingredients on medium heat
1 cup Flour
1/4 Salt
1TBSP Cream of Tarter
1 cup Water
1 or 2 packages of Kool-aid in desired color
Mix in 1TBSP of Vegetable oil after the ingredients above are mixed

Stir for 3-5 minutes or until the play dough forms and sticks together and self cleans the side of the pot! Remove from pot and let it cool for a minute! Be cautious as it will be hot! Once cooled to a more handling temp, knead the play dough until its nice and soft! Then store your play dough in an air tight container :)

Here is a picture of mine in the containers :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

After a Baby

As I write this post, I am snuggled up to my daughter! I have learned so much from baby Brynlee! She is a content and is a happy baby! She only cries when she is starving or getting her shots! I am so lucky to be her mom! Here is a list of things is learned after having a baby:

1. I learned that the little things are important! Before Brynlee came along we focused on the big things, money, jobs, our house projects, but forgot to slow down a little! When Brynlee came along we noticed every little small and her first time rolling to her side and lifting her head! All of the sudden the little things became big, important things! 

2. Showers, what is that?!! Finding time to shower is hard and you can't just shower whenever, I am on her schedule now! 

3. People always say to sleep when the baby sleeps....if I did that I would never shower, the sink would be full of dishes and I would have no clean clothes to wear! I am not a clean freak by any means but I try to keep the household liveable! 

4. Always have a burp cloth in every room, if you don't you will end up being the walking burp cloth soiled with spit up! 

5. What did I do with all my time before baby?! A baby takes all your time and mind strength! It's hard to get everything done when you have a baby! But now that she is two months it is getting easier to get thing done cause she will sit in her bouncer and watch me.

6. Having a baby means baby comes first! It's harder to hang out with friends (especially when mine don't have kids yet)! It's harder to go on dates with the hubby or have hubby time! It's harder to run errands when you have to pack the baby around, worry about going in between feeding times and schedule it during her nap times! 

7. Babies change your body! The way you feel about your body, the shape of your body and the way you look at your body! After having Brynlee I had huge stretch marks on my lower back and belly! I don't wear a bikini so I wasn't worried about my swimsuit body but its a change! After having a baby your body feels different from the healing of delivery to breast feeding! 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

1st Post....Let Me Explain

I decided to try blogging again after the birth of my first child! Blogging is definitely a skill that I need much improving on! Hopefully I can make this blog interesting or helpful in some way! Here is my story:

I am now a stay at home mom and had my first baby the end of May! I have learned so much by my baby and have been inspired to try many new things! I figure why not post all the recipes, crafts, photography and sewing adventures that I am taking on?! I love photography and do it on the side, mostly as a hobby! I love to craft and sew (still trying to master sewing). Living in a small town with no fast food/Resturant places means I make dinner every night....recipes are a must! I moved to this small town after I meet my hubby in college. We bought a house, fixed it up, had a baby and now here we are! Living in a small town takes planning and craftiness because you can't just run out to Walmart to grab whatever you need! I will never take that convenience for granted ever again!

Family and religion are very important to me! I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! What Iove about being LDS is the it is centered around families! I am so grateful that I am sealed in the temple with my family for time and all eternity and not just til death do we part! In my ward I am Primary musical director and sunbeams teacher with my hubby!

In September, I am going to have a preschool! In our house the basement is just the perfect size for one! I went to school for elementary Ed with an emphasis in early childhood, but since moving, I never got to finished! While going to school I got this feeling that I needed to move to the teeny tiny town that my husband is from! I kept pushing that feeling away and never discussed it with my hubby! I worked at Ihop and went to school and my hubby was just working! Life was good, our apartment was small but updated, I wasn't gonna complain! That feeling still lingered and I kept pushing it away! The more I pushed it away that more stressful life got! At work I wasn't getting enough tables or tips, my hours were longer! My schoolwork became super hard and stressful! I failed a math test miserably that I had studied so hard for! My hubby had a hour and a half commute to work over the mountain and since it being wintertime, meant longer driving time for him and less time for me to see him! Then my hubby got in a car crash and that was the tip of the iceberg for me! A few days later my hubby walked in the front door to me crying! He said babe what's wrong (thinking someone had died) then I told him for the past month I have been getting the feeling that we needed to move! He was happy but was trying to contain it cause I was sad! I didnt want to quit school or change the content life we had but that feeling got stronger and life got more stressful until we moved! The Lord knows what you need in your life and we just need to trust him! It was a lesson I will never forget! To get back on track, they only have one other preschool here and last year they had so many kids they were turning people away! I figured for preschool you don't have to have a degree or license, just a business license! I have all the schooling for it and even know CPR and have my food handlers permit! With the preschool in my home I can work and make a little extra money while not being away from my kid (kids in the future)! My in law lives four houses down and is more than happy to come over during class and play with my baby, so that works out perfectly! I will post about how it is going with pictures! Well...I think I have rambled on enough and if you are reading this....thanks for reading! I hope it wasn't a totally bore!