Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mini Catalog Bags DIY - Jamberry Style

I started selling Jamberry nails wraps as an Independent Consultant in September 2014 after I tried a sample I received in the mail! As soon as I put it on, I fell in love with the product and decided to join! I have amazing looking nails (I never did them before, who has time to wait for the nail polish to dry and not get smugged), plus I make money and have fun meeting new people! If you are interested you can check out my website;

During one of my home Jamberry parties, a catalog got placed on a table with some water on it! The back cover was all wet and water warped but the rest of the catalog was fine! I didn't want to just throw out my catalog so I decided to make a giveaway bag! They are cute, great advertisement and you can recycle used/catalogs! Follow the steps below to make your own bags!

Hopefully these steps make sense :) it's easier to do than it looks!

Step one: open your catalog and remove staples

Step 2: Make a one inch fold on each side of the original center catalog fold

These folds will be one side of the bag! This is the top view of step 2

Step 3: On the outer edges, fold in towards the center an inch and a half on each side

Step 4: On the outer edges that you just folded in step 3, fold those in a half inch! This will make the tabs to glue to make the other side of the bag (don't worry I will show you in the steps below)

Step 5: Fold the top down to the first staple hole in the original catalog fold! You can do a bigger or smaller fold if you'd like! This fold helps reinforce the bag when you punch holes for the handles

Step 6: Using the folds just made, shape it into a bag/what the pic below shows

Step 7: Flatten the bag with the folded sides in and then fold the bottom side up! I wanted my bag to be four inches tall (perfect for accent/sample sheets) but you can make it how ever tall or short you want! Four inches just looked proportional to me!
Another pic of step 7

Step 8: Now open it back up and you should have 9 folds

Step 9: Glue one outer edge /fold ( the half inch fold)

Step 10: Gather the outer edges together and place the half inch folds over each other and press firmly so the glue sticks (p.s. This post is not sponsored, this just is the glue sticks I have around the house)

Your bag so far should look like this

Step 11: Now at the fold in step 7, take left corner from the bottom and fold it up to the step 7 fold and press to make another fold line
Repeat step 11: but with the right bottom corner
Step 11 (and the repeat 11 step) will create these lines

Step 12: This is where it gets a little tricky! You are going to be making the bottom of the bag and folding it like you would wrap a present! Fold the lines until you make the triangle on each side of the bag 
This is how each side will look

Step 13: glue and fold down the triangles and the bottom of your bag is complete

Optional step: If you to make your bag fold flat for storage or shipping just squish it...not sure how else to word it! But you don't have to do this

Step 14: Hole punch two holes on the front and back of the bag! I didn't measure, I just eye ball it but its about a half an inch in from the corner sides

 Step 15: Add ribbon and enjoy your catalog page! I hope this helps and wasn't too hard to follow! Let me know how it goes! If you aren't crafty or don't have time, I can make and sell some to ya, email me at kellie.terry92@gmail.com!

I hope you enjoy! Thanks! I will be posting more direct sale related things next month! Happy holidays! 

-Kellie Frost