Friday, August 1, 2014

After a Baby

As I write this post, I am snuggled up to my daughter! I have learned so much from baby Brynlee! She is a content and is a happy baby! She only cries when she is starving or getting her shots! I am so lucky to be her mom! Here is a list of things is learned after having a baby:

1. I learned that the little things are important! Before Brynlee came along we focused on the big things, money, jobs, our house projects, but forgot to slow down a little! When Brynlee came along we noticed every little small and her first time rolling to her side and lifting her head! All of the sudden the little things became big, important things! 

2. Showers, what is that?!! Finding time to shower is hard and you can't just shower whenever, I am on her schedule now! 

3. People always say to sleep when the baby sleeps....if I did that I would never shower, the sink would be full of dishes and I would have no clean clothes to wear! I am not a clean freak by any means but I try to keep the household liveable! 

4. Always have a burp cloth in every room, if you don't you will end up being the walking burp cloth soiled with spit up! 

5. What did I do with all my time before baby?! A baby takes all your time and mind strength! It's hard to get everything done when you have a baby! But now that she is two months it is getting easier to get thing done cause she will sit in her bouncer and watch me.

6. Having a baby means baby comes first! It's harder to hang out with friends (especially when mine don't have kids yet)! It's harder to go on dates with the hubby or have hubby time! It's harder to run errands when you have to pack the baby around, worry about going in between feeding times and schedule it during her nap times! 

7. Babies change your body! The way you feel about your body, the shape of your body and the way you look at your body! After having Brynlee I had huge stretch marks on my lower back and belly! I don't wear a bikini so I wasn't worried about my swimsuit body but its a change! After having a baby your body feels different from the healing of delivery to breast feeding! 

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